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Quintar closes second seed round of funding

The world's first fan technology platform company for enabling metaverse experiences

SANTA CLARA, CA (May 30, 2022) Quintar ( announced today that it has completed a second seed round of funding to continue advancing its live sports technology platform and expand its content creator and app developer collaborations to change how people participate in live sports and entertainment experiences. The $3 million round was led by SeventySix Capital and included a pair of strategic partners: Nreal, a global leader in consumer AR glasses, and SharpLink Gaming, a pioneer in game-changing sports betting technology. “Two important things happened with this round that have us very excited,” Quintar co-founder and CEO Dr. Sankar (Jay) Jayaram said. “First, every one of our major investors reinvested in the company because they believe in the team and our vision and are excited at the progress. Second, having strategic investors like nReal and SharpLink will help us accelerate and develop the most engaging and comfortable user experiences for fans everywhere.” Quintar uses long range registration and stereoscopic streaming to place accurate, dynamic AR content on the event surface and allow content creators and rights holders to deliver personalized, interactive experiences for fans on mobile phones, TVs and AR wearables at the venue or in their own living room. Quintar plans to use the new funding to continue to expand its engineering and product teams. “Led by Dr. Jay Jayaram and Dr. Jeff Jonas, Quintar is capitalizing on the successful initial debut of its augmented reality (AR) platform with the PGA TOUR and is poised to make a significant impact on both sports and entertainment,” said Chad Stender, Partner, SeventySix Capital. “We're excited to back the strong, experienced team at Quintar as they navigate their growth at the intersection of sports, data and the Metaverse.” After executing a successful beta launch with the PGA TOUR during three of last year’s FEDEX Cup Playoff events, Quintar has been focused on expanding the capabilities of the platform to bring awe-inspiring multi-layered worlds to life for live sports and entertainment events. With SharpLink’s expertise in sports betting and nReal’s focus on developing next generation user experiences, they have access to resources to instantly help fuel growth. “We believe AR is an incredibly attractive medium that will continue to enhance the sports betting industry,” SharpLink co-founder and CEO Rob Phythian said. “Fans are looking for the most dynamic and engaging experiences that they can find, which AR can offer, but only if you have a platform that enables them. Quintar is the only company doing this effectively for live sports and we are excited to be aligned with them.” “We are super excited about the prospect of working with Quintar to bring AR sports experiences to millions of sports fans,” Nreal co-founder PJ said. “We are honored to have the opportunity to participate in this round of fund raising.” About SeventySix Capital SeventySix Capital is a sports tech venture capital company that invests in passionate, smart and nice entrepreneurs who are launching game-changing tech startups in the sports tech, esports and sports betting industries. SeventySix Capital also has a Sports Advisory business, its Athlete Venture Group, media arm, and a strategic partnership with Rubicon Talent. SeventySix Capital Sports Advisory is a sports consulting group comprised of an expert team focused on bringing the emerging innovations and technology to sports executives, teams, leagues, brands and athletes. The Sports Advisory works side by side with these change-makers across the evolving landscape of sports, including esports, sports betting, media and social responsibility. SeventySix Capital’s Athlete Venture Group allows players to invest, learn, and work directly with top sports tech startups and entrepreneurs. The firm aims to bridge the gap between athletes, entrepreneurs, and investors by creating opportunities for athletes to become tech investors and for entrepreneurs to access the financial and social capital that professional athletes have to offer. The media arm of SeventySix Capital supports its portfolio companies, runs events, and produces the SeventySix Capital Leadership Series video podcast. Additionally, SeventySix Capital has a strategic partnership with Rubicon Talent, a sports marketing and talent agency based in New York City with a wide range of clients including NFL and NBA stars, Hall of Famers, MVPs, Heisman Trophy winners, Olympic icons, media personalities, and celebrity chefs. About Nreal Nreal is a fast-growing augmented reality (AR) company ushering the next generation of user interactions with hardware and software solutions that merge the physical with the digital world. Nreal innovated augmented reality experiences with its Nreal Light and Nreal Air AR products, accompanied by Nreal's self- developed 3D system Nebula. Nreal is fueled by a mission to make AR accessible for everyone, encompassing both consumers and enterprise customers, and supported by global partnerships with the world’s leading 5G companies worldwide. Nreal Light is available for sale and being demonstrated in world class 5G network retail stores. To learn more about Nreal, visit The Nreal Light Developer Kit is available for order from About SharpLink Gaming Ltd. Founded in 2019 and based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, SharpLink is a leading online technology company that connects sports fans, leagues and sports websites to relevant and timely sports betting and iGaming content. SharpLink uses proprietary, intelligent, online conversion technology to convert sports fans into sports bettors for licensed, online sportsbook operators. SharpLink's intelligent C4 Sports Betting Conversion solution delivers and determines the best sportsbook betting offers and experience for each identified user. Using sophisticated, AI-enabled behavioral modeling and tracking technologies, and by analyzing user's past and present behaviors, we serve sports fans with personalized betting offers specifically tied to each fan's favorite sports, teams and players. Additionally, SharpLink specializes in helping sports media companies develop strategies, products and innovative solutions to drive deep customer engagement with highly interactive sports games and mobile applications. SharpLink is run by industry veterans with several successful exits in the sports gaming and iGaming sectors. For more information, please visit the SharpLink website at


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