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Team of innovators launches Quintar, the world's first
AR-centered fan technology company for live sports
with backing from Seventysix Capital


Core Team Has Decades of Experience Leading Successful Sports Technology and Media Companies,
Including Intel Sports, Turner Sports and Magic Leap

SANTA CLARA, CA (JUNE 8, 2021) – An all-star team of technology innovators with deep and successful track records in the sports industry announced today that they have come together to launch Quintar (, the world’s first AR-centered fan technology company for live sports. The Silicon Valley-based company received its initial funding from leading sports tech venture capital firm SeventySix Capital along with investments from Cowles Company, Assam Ventures, Pragya Ventures, and others.


The founders, Dr. Sankar (Jay) Jayaram, CEO, and Dr. Jeff Jonas, President and Chief Business Officer, are serial entrepreneurs who are building a standard setting company for mixed and augmented reality to help enhance and extend live sports game action and increase fan engagement. Their first-of-its-kind platform, called Q.reality, is device agnostic and designed to deliver interactive experiences to fans no matter where they are. To launch it, they have assembled a leadership team that brings decades of experience building and leading successful sports technology and media companies, including Sportvision, VOKE, Turner Sports, NBA Digital, Intel Sports and Magic Leap.


“Once Jeff and I really started thinking about sports in AR, it became pretty clear that nobody is doing anything really sticky and meaningful in AR for sports at all,” Jayaram said. “It’s remarkable how things fell into place so naturally, which allowed us to put together an incredible team. We have the relationships, we have the experience and the know how to build successful technology and operations and to do it the right way. We’re really good at that. When you put all those pieces together, that’s a winning combination.”


Jayaram, a world expert in the field of Virtual Reality and 3-D visualization, has been very successful in bringing powerful visionary ideas of virtual reality applications and monetization to media, manufacturing, prototyping, smart homes, and augmented reality. His last venture, VOKE, was acquired by Intel in 2017 and became part of the foundation of Intel Sports, where he served as CTO/CPO. Quintar is Jonas’ third startup after leading the previous two, Coach’s Edge and VOKE, to acquisitions. Coach’s Edge, which developed play animation software for broadcasters, was acquired in 1999 by Sportvision. He spent 17 years at Sportvision and is responsible for bringing many well-known augmented reality effects, including the yellow 1st & 10 line, MLB K-Zone, PGA Tour TourCast, to air. He recently left Intel Sports to launch Quintar.


“The sports industry is being transformed by entrepreneurs who are developing new technology to make dynamic, new fan experiences,” said Chad Stender, Partner, SeventySix Capital. “Our team at SeventySix Capital is thrilled to be backing Jay, Jeff and the team at Quintar who are creating a true Augmented Reality technology platform by ingesting statistics, sports betting data, analytics and video and then presenting it in a way to wow sports fans.”


In addition to Jayaram and Jonas, the core leadership team includes Buddy Scott (Senior Vice President of Platform Products and Experiences), Tom Sahara (Senior Vice President of Production Technologies) and Ramamurthy Sivakumar (Senior Founding Advisor). Scott comes to Quintar after leading global sports and entertainment product strategy for Magic Leap, and, prior to that, business development and operations for NBA Digital at Turner. Sahara spent the previous 20 years with Turner Sports overseeing technical operations for all live broadcasts, including the NBA, MLB, PGA, NASCAR, NCAA and eLeague. Sivakumar previously served 31 years at Intel in R&D, Intel Capital and international business operations. In 2019, he launched Pragya Ventures, a deep incubation fund focused on the next wave of data.


Quintar’s platform uses a combination of long range registration to place accurate, dynamic AR content on the field, course or court, and live stereoscopic streaming, allowing content creators and rights holders to deliver personalized, socialized and gamified experiences for fans on mobile phones, TVs and AR wearables at the venue or in their own living room. Solutions like ecommerce, sports betting, games and NFT marketplaces can also be integrated into the platform to help enhance engagement.


Fans at the venue, for example, can access live event visualization data via their mobile devices or AR wearables that are synchronized to the playing surface, allowing them to track every moment as it happens. In addition to having access to the live interactive 3D graphic overlays, fans at home also have the ability to transform the live event playing surface into a three-dimensional version of real video that can be live streamed onto table top side by side with the TV broadcast. Experiences driven by the Quintar platform are amplified by a perfect storm of key technologies in cloud computing, gamification, high-speed communication such as 5G and tremendous new capabilities in end-user devices.



About SeventySix Capital

SeventySix Capital is a sports tech venture capital company that invests in passionate, smart and nice entrepreneurs who are launching game-changing tech startups in the sports tech, esports and sports betting industries. SeventySix Capital also has a Sports Advisory business, its Athlete Venture Group, media arm, and a strategic partnership with Rubicon Talent.

SeventySix Capital Sports Advisory is a sports consulting group comprised of an expert team focused on bringing the emerging innovations and technology to sports executives, teams, leagues, brands and athletes. The Sports Advisory works side by side with these change-makers across the evolving landscape of sports, including esports, sports betting, media and social responsibility.

SeventySix Capital’s Athlete Venture Group allows players to invest, learn, and work directly with top sports tech startups and entrepreneurs. The firm aims to bridge the gap between athletes, entrepreneurs, and investors by creating opportunities for athletes to become tech investors and for entrepreneurs to access the financial and social capital that professional athletes have to offer.

The media arm of SeventySix Capital supports its portfolio companies, runs events, and produces the SeventySix Capital Leadership Series video podcast. Additionally, SeventySix Capital has a strategic partnership with Rubicon Talent, a sports marketing and talent agency based in New York City with a wide range of clients including NFL and NBA stars, Hall of Famers, MVPs, Heisman Trophy winners, Olympic icons, media personalities, and celebrity chefs.

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