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Combined technologies of Quintar and Google
The Power of Combining Quintar & Google's ARCore Technologies

The Power of Combining Quintar & Google's ARCore Technologies

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Quintar, the official Mobile AR Developer of the PGA TOUR, revolutionizes live sporting events, powered by Quintar Places

and Google’s ARCore Geospatial API.

The extraordinary results of combining Google's ARCore Geospatial API

and Quintar Places was featured at Google I/O
May 10, 2023


With live augmented wayfinding, fans can easily navigate to and around the golfing event while immersing themselves in interactive AR experiences such as live event action, stats overlays, games, and more. This results in an immersive fan experience that event owners and content creators can leverage to enhance event-day and event-related experiences.


With our combined technologies, we offer new avenues for fan engagement, minimizing confusion and frustration caused by navigating through large crowds and large spaces, while live event action with AR provides fans with a deeper level of engagement, allowing them to feel more connected to the live event and the experience. Traditional event experiences are being transformed into something truly extraordinary. With endless possibilities, our technologies offer event owners and content creators the ability to create unique and memorable experiences for their fans.

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