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Dr. S.  (Jay) Jayaram



  • Former Intel Sports CTO/CPO and head of product vision - executive, VOKE founder and CEO, serial entrepreneur, WSU professor

  • Pioneer in live AR/VR technologies and production

  • Architected VOKE live fan experience-centered technologies and sold the company to Intel to form Intel Sports


Dr. Jeff Jonas

President, Chief Business Officer


  • Former Intel Sports managing director - executive, VOKE CBO, Sportvision CBO, serial entrepreneur

  • Led business partnerships with NFL, NBA on TNT, March Madness, MLB, PGA Tour, and more

  • Led 1st & 10, K-Zone, RaceF/x and several other augmented TV business partnerships with every national broadcaster

  • 8-time Emmy Award winner


Buddy Scott

SVP, Products & Experiences

Founding Member

  • Former Magic Leap head of sports & entertainment product strategy and multimedia platform stack

  • Former WarnerMedia/Turner/NBA Digital Business Operations, Strategy & Development, and AR/VR innovative products

  • Founder - Digital agency specializing in on-location live streaming fan experiences for AT&T, PGA Tour, NCAA football,


Tom Sahara

SVP, Production Technologies

  • Former VP Turner Sports

  • Led all production technologies and implementation for Turner Sports

  • 25+ yrs in technology, production, and media


Nadia Banks

SVP, Business Operations

  • Former Director of Customer Experiences Implementation, Intel Sports

  • Marketing and Business Development executive with experience in scaling business operations

  • 16+ yrs in technology and sports business


Ramamurthy Sivakumar

Founding Advisor

  • Former VP Intel

  • Led the formation of Intel Sports through strategic investments and acquisitions

  • 30+ yrs in technology, investments, and building successful startups

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