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AT&T and Quintar form live sports events AR collaboration

To develop real-word metaverse experiences at live events for sports fans using AT&T 5G

SANTA CLARA, CA (May 11, 2022)AT&T and Quintar, a sports entertainment augmented reality company that is changing the way people participate with live events, announced today that they have formed a collaboration to develop and deliver highly engaging in-game AR experiences to sports fans in arenas and venues by utilizing the power of AT&T 5G.

As the official 5G wireless network sponsor for some of the top sports leagues, AT&T brings the power of 5G to fans at various events throughout the country. Together, Quintar and AT&T will test and explore new applications and second-screen capabilities to bring the most immersive and engaging experiences to fans in venue.

“The energy you feel watching a game in-person is powerful. We’re exploring ways to build on that with an immersive experience that uses engaging graphics and augmented visualizations powered by AT&T 5G,” said Glenn Couper, Assistant Vice President, 5G Product & Innovation, AT&T. “Today’s fans are more data driven than ever, and Quintar has the tools to expand a fans viewing experience by layering the digital world around them, while AT&T 5G has the high capacity and low latency to customize the content in an engaging way that blends the physical and digital worlds using AR. We’re excited to work together and deliver what fans need to stay informed in a way that compliments the live-action they came to watch.”

Recently named the official Mobile Augmented Reality Developer of the PGA TOUR, Quintar has built a first-of-its-kind platform called Q.reality to deliver accurate real-world AR content for a variety of metaverse experiences. Their vision is to work hand-in-hand with developers and content creators to produce the most natural blend of a user’s physical and digital life. The collaboration with AT&T will expand those capabilities and offerings to more fans across live sports events.

“AT&T is synonymous with innovation and has invested heavily into sports, which makes them an ideal collaborator for us,” said Quintar President Jeff Jonas. “We believe in technology that creates utility and brings insight through augmenting the real-world. With the powerful combination of AT&T 5G and our Q.reality platform, we will bring the digital world to life creating next generation user experiences for fans of live sports, entertainment and beyond.”

With more than 40 5G-connected venues, AT&T is committed to innovation and bringing new fan experiences to life. AT&T 5G is packed with high capacity and lower latency to help power the massive amounts of data and augmented in-game visualization overlays produced by Quintar that delivers the smoothest, most immersive, and relevant content for fans.

“The reason I’m beyond excited for sports fans is that augmented reality is about to transform from a tool that has only been used to deliver marketing gimmicks around the game to a highly personal, naturally simple, and indispensable companion to watching games,” said Buddy Scott, Quintar Senior Vice President, Platform Products and Experiences. “The Quintar platform, which delivers accurate long-range AR visualization, combined with AT&T 5G, transforms attending home games into powerfully meaningful in-game, on-the-court AR metaverse experiences.”

About Quintar

Quintar, a Silicon Valley-based company, is expanding the boundaries of augmented reality by providing

pioneering tech and tools for content owners who want to build awe-inspiring multilayered worlds, beginning with sports entertainment. Their first-of-its-kind platform, called Q.reality, is device agnostic and designed to deliver relevant, data-driven interactive experiences to fans no matter where they are. Quintar has assembled a leadership team that brings decades of experience building and leading successful sports technology and media companies, including Sportvision, VOKE, Turner Sports, NBA Digital, Intel Sports and Magic Leap.

*About AT&T

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